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Astute offers companies growth solutions.

This focus will facilitate your business growth by deploying an agreed commercial strategy and anti-fragile positioning.

Astute works across multiple business areas including banking, fintech, governance, real estate, social networks, sustainability and technology. 

Your strengths and weaknesses will be assessed and we will work collaboratively to build any aspect of business growth to boost company revenues and value. 


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 Top-down and bottom-up approach to uncover your company's capabilities. Actively work together on the deployment of this transformation as a team.

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​Profitability Enhancement

Optimise costs, align market position, enhance talent and products.

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& Team Mentoring

Maximise cohesion and drive within your business; empowering your USP.

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Position your company to consistently excel in the face of ongoing corporate challenges.

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Business Ecosystem

Consistently nurtured within the Astute client base to fuel each business. 

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Sara Benjamin, Advisor

Sara built extensive revenue generation & mentoring experience during both a diverse Financial Services career and whilst co-owning a Property Development business.

​As such, Sara is well-versed in the wide range of knowledge and bandwidth required to produce significant commercial impact alongside key stakeholders. This ranges from business strategy, negotiation and mediation through to the various governance structures necessary to ensure sustainable revenue growth.

Industry Experience

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Client Experience

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